Kaduna State Urban Planning and Development Agency was established in 1985 via Edict No. 10 by Kaduna State Government to extend the services of the former Kaduna Capital Development Board (K.C.D.B) to all designated Urban Areas within the State. The Edict was repealed and replaced with Kaduna State Urban Planning and Development Agency Law No. 12 of 2015.

The Agency is under the supervision of the Kaduna Geographic Information Service (KADGIS) which was hitherto known as Ministry of Land, Survey and Country Planning (MLSCP), it is charged with the responsibility of carrying out Urban Planning and Development Control within the designated Urban areas of the State.


  1. Preparation of Physical Development Plans
  2. Control of Physical Developments.
  3. Control of Mobile Outdoor Advertisements and Signages:
  • Telecommunication Mast/Towers
  • Billboards, Sign Boards and
  • Mobile Outdoor Advertisements
  1. Issuance and approval of Planning and Development Permits.
  2. Ensuring proper implementation of approved Physical Planning Schemes.
  3. Removal of illegal structures and unapproved developments in the Urban Areas of the State.


To create Functional and Sustainable Urban Centers within Kaduna State that can compete favorably Nationally and Globally.


To effectively and efficiently plan and manage designated Urban Areas with a view to making them areas for solid economic growth and development.


  • To adhere strictly to professional code of conduct
  • To respect individual and community rights in Urban Planning and Management
  • To promote Efficiency through Innovation and Technology
  • To safe guard the aesthetic values of Planned Environment especially Open Spaces, Parks, historical Monuments etc.